Conditions and Treatments 2

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Conditions and Treatments

The Skinsmith Clinic offers a wide range of evidence-based, scientifically proven and
ethically sourced solutions for anti-aging, sagging skin, wrinkles, collagen loss, acne scarring, stretch marks,
hair loss, and wound repair.


More than ‘skin deep’

The Skinsmith Clinic focuses on holistic care – identifying the core of the skin condition through DNA testing, and developing customised treatment and maintenance plans for patients.

Aesthetic concerns are addressed through microneedling with PRP, peels, facials, and scientifically proven skincare products.

We also offer IV care for the treatment of general fatigue, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and general skin nutrition.

The Skinsmith Clinic works closely with the medical staff adjacent to the Clinic’s consulting rooms, and can advise patients on various injectable options that they may benefit from these include Botox, fillers, threading, and vampire facials.

Conditions and Treatments

 No gimmicks, no lies, no symptomatic treatment. We identify
the core of the condition and treat it effectively and holistically.”

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